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  1. Try and make a little ball go ridiculously far;
  2. Nope not frustrating enough;
  3. You can’t throw it, you have to hit it with a five foot club.
  4. Nope, not frustrating enough;
  5. Make it so you can only hit the ball with a surface the size of a playing card or smaller, all the way out at the end of the club;
  6. Nope not frustrating enough;
  7. Take it outdoors and play in the weather;
  8. Nope not frustrating enough;
  9. Replace the smooth concrete with grass and add some big pits full of sand;
  10. Nope, not frustrating enough;
  11. Put in a median scoring system that constantly reminds you how much worse you are than other players on the same course;
  12. Nope, not frustrating enough;
  13. Put a place serving ice cold beer on the course but only at the very end of it;
  14. That’s fucking genius. Ok, frustrating enough.

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