$100,000 just to make Sydney more awesome!

One thing Sydney lockdowns didn’t stop is the dedication and generosity of the 10 good people who collaborate as Awesome Foundation Sydney to contribute $100 each, towards a monthly $1,000 no-strings-attached micro-grant, to the best idea for making life in Sydney more awesome.

Since 2011 they’ve done it 100 times. That’s $100,000 from the people of Sydney to the people of Sydney. How bloody awesome is that?

Nobody gets a tax deduction for this, no corporate brand is green-washing anybody with this, no government or politician is trying to buy votes or feather their own beds. Nobody’s skimming off a percentage of the money raised to cover the cost of their time, marketing, desk rent, or whatever.

And if you’ve got an idea that could make Sydney more awesome, neither is there a complicated and lengthy application and interview process to pitch your idea. It’s easy and quick.

In case you’re wondering if this just is a humble-brag, well, it kind of is, but isn’t. I’ve been lucky enough an Awesome Foundation Sydney trustee twice in the past, for a time.

There are actually more people living in Sydney who’d like to donate $100 a month to awesome ideas than there are places available at the Awesome Foundation Sydney monthly meeting. So it’s been great to stand aside and see how many other awesome people can make an impact as an Awesome Foundation trustee over the years.

Those of us who would like to be considered as a future Awesome Foundation Sydney trustee position in future, and those of us who just want to help reach more creative people with more awesome ideas, serve as Awesome Ambassadors, voluntarily helping amplify the message and goals of Awesome Foundation. And I’m proud to be an Ambassador.

Because Awesome Foundation is an international micro-patronage movement in a growing number of communities around the world. All lean, all efficient, all for the good of the communities in which they operate.

When politicians, bureaucrats, authorities, CEOs, celebrities and influencers are getting me down, it helps me to remember Awesome Foundation is out there.

Got an awesome idea that could make Sydney more awesome? Something self-contained that you could pull off with only $1,000? This isn’t a way for you to get a free website built, get a new laptop for free, or to pay your photographer, or the rent on your gallery space. It’s not about making your life more awesome, it has to be for the community of Sydney. Have a go!