I’m a startup founder, I’m from the future and I’m here to help

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You should be pitching the future

  • Because it’s only six months old?
  • Because you just graduated from an accelerator?
  • Because you know the market and the problem you’re solving?
  • Because you worked in the industry for a while?
  • Because you’ve just converted your first five paid customers from their free trial?
  • Because you just made a contract developer an offer of a full-time permanent role?
  • Because although it’s only six months old, it’s bootstrapped an idea into a fully-functional MVP which already has paying customers which give it a >85% NPS?
  • Because one day, some smart startup is going to disrupt a mature, inefficient market with fat, lazy incumbents which have under-invested in technology due to lack of real competition?
  • Because you understand how that market works, have seen it work from the inside, and can mud-map a credible plan for how to disrupt it, making the market massively more efficient, expanding the market itself and capturing a huge slice of that value for your company and your future shareholders?
  • Because you know how to attract and retain great technical talent and are making the first hires in what will be a world-class team?




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Alan Jones

Alan Jones


I’m Alan Jones, coach for accelerators, partner at M8 Ventures, angel investor. Earlier: founder, early Yahoo product manager, tech reporter.