If you email to ask if I’m free for a coffee sometime next week, I will reply with the one word answer: “yes”.

Because this is not a game of email tennis. I have other stuff to do.

If you’re hoping to see me, the best way is to give me several time-slots on several days that work for you, no sooner than two weeks from today. Wealthy and influential I may be, but I don’t have a PA, just a smart AI in the cloud called Clara.

Unless you’re a serial startup founder who’s exited at least once for more than 10x your seed round or a VC hoping I’ll introduce you to a startup I’ve invested in — in that case, I’ll re-arrange my schedule as best I can.

If you email to ask if I’ll sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement before talking about your idea, I will reply with the one word answer: “no.”

I can’t afford to employ enough lawyers to keep track of every trade secret I’m privy to and accompany me to every meeting to stop me (or you) wandering into territory governed by an NDA.

Trust me to be discreet — I’ve been doing this since 1996 and it’s a small enough industry that if I were a blabbermouth or a double-crosser I wouldn’t be in business anymore.

Trust me to promote you — I speak to a lot of people, but mostly about myself, but sometimes I might find a reason to talk about you and your startup instead and then it will be to people you can’t reach, in the right way, for the right reasons.

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