Do you have a startup question for our new radio show?

A quick call-out for Australian startup founders and founding employees with questions and problems we can cover.

Alan Jones
3 min readMay 15, 2023

My awesome friend Megan Flamer and I have a new weekly radio show , answering startup questions for founders, team members and aspiring entrepreneurs. And we’d love to help you.

The show is called “The Advisory Board” and the format is a lot like an audio equivalent of a classic ‘agony aunt’ column from the golden days of magazine publishing, where readers would write in to the magazine’s expert columnist, seeking help and advice with a problem they’re facing.

On our show, we want you to hit us up with your problems and questions. If your question is selected for an episode, we’ll do our best to give you a balanced, considered and supportive set of answers drawing on the best advice and our own decades of experience in startups.

What sort of questions?

We have some awesome questions coming in from founders already but we want many, many more! Do you have a question or a problem we can help you with? There are no good or bad problems/questions, but we’d prefer problems/questions that are likely to be experienced by others. Here are some topics we thought of earlier:

  • Founder doubts — should I consider a career change to chase my startup idea?
  • How good is my startup idea?
  • Cofounder and team tensions
  • What’s up with investors?
  • I don’t know anything about tech, how do I learn?
  • Nobody told me I’d have to do sales!
  • Do I really have to learn to pitch?
  • Why is it so hard to hire good people?
  • Am I running out of time?
  • I’m a woman, am I at a disadvantage?
  • I’m not white, am I at a disadvantage!
  • I’m not binary, am I at a disadvantage?
  • Should I quit?

Submission guidelines

  • We would like to include audio of you reading out your question or problem on the show. If a 30 second audio recording makes too big a file for you to attach to an email, just upload it to a Soundcloud or Youtube account and email us a link to it. Or just write it in an email and we’ll read it out live, on air.
  • As well as your question or problem, try to give us a small, succinct amount of background, and if you tried to solve it yourself but it failed, tell us a little about that too, if you can.
  • If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, you can keep your identity a secret by choosing a fake name for yourself and your startup. Most times, it’s probably best to remain anonymous.
  • Please don’t mention the names of any other companies or individuals, or we’ll have to beep them out.
  • Please try to keep your audio recording to a maximum of 30 seconds — we will edit your question down to that length if we need to, but give us a question that is hard to edit and we may have to say no.
  • We will let you know by email if your question will appear, and will give you an email heads-up when the episode containing your answers appears.

How do I send you a question?

Send an email with a voice audio attachment or a link to a downloadable audio file to

How much time do I have?

NONE! Do it now! When the show inevitably becomes hugely popular, it will be nearly impossible to get your question aired, so submit one today!

Where do I catch The Advisory Board?

You can listen to each episode of the startup goodness Megan and I record on our weekends, and all the startup things on the new DAB+/online radio network Disrupt Radio every Friday between 11am-1pm at or you can play all our past shows on-demand from our program page at



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