Colours really matter in startup brand design

At the beginning, we brainstorm a brand name for the startup, register a domain, setup a Launchrock page, Google Apps for email, and brief the 99Designs community on a logo.

As soon as we choose a logo we like, we’re all set, right?

Wrong. It fascinates me how many tech startup founders are literally colour-blind and how many are figuratively so. We so often choose the wrong colours for our startup brand design that I wonder if there’s a correlation between Asperger’s spectrum and not intuitively understanding that the colour of your brand conveys both conscious and subconscious meaning to anyone who sees it.

See, colour psychology is a thing.

I could illustrate this point by picking on the startup portfolio of almost any startup accelerator but if you’ve got a crowdsourced logo for your startup (or you designed it yourself) pull it up now in your browser and check to make sure the meaning of the colours in your logo stacks up against the emotions you’d like to elicit when someone glances at it.

Early in your startup’s life, the product, service or business is little more than a pitch deck, a handful of founders, a Launchrock page and that brand design. It’s never more important than now to pick the right colour for it.

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