Cheatsheet for iOS is the solution for replying to unsolicited LinkedIn connection requests

I’ve written before about how much time I spend replying to people who send me unsolicited LinkedIn requests, why I think that’s important to do, how LinkedIn responded to my anguish, and some of the tips I’ve developed to make it more efficient. I even have a road-tested text template with semi-annual updates you’re free to use if you want to adopt my policy.

So big news: I’ve recently discovered the Cheatsheet for iOS keyboard widget and I now recommend it to you highly, for quickly replying to LinkedIn requests, or for any other kind of templated reply you need to send via email, text or social app from your phone.

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And it’s really good. First install Cheatsheet by installing the app and then following the instructions to install the Cheatsheet keyboard in your list of keyboards in iOS Keyboard settings (alongside your local language keyboard, any other language keyboards you use, and your emoticon keyboard).

Then, just copy and paste your template message into a new field in the Cheatsheet app, give it a short name and an icon.

Now, you can call that template up when you’re in any other app on your phone that has a message or text entry field, and drop that template text into your message in the same way as you would add an emoticon.

#Boom. Time saved, and in my case at least, one more random LinkedIn stranger made slightly less lonely and rejected (hopefully).

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